We’re The Only 100% Private Abortion Clinic NYC



• No Common Waiting Areas

• No Contact With Other Patients

• One on One Care

• Your Own Private Room

• Companions Welcome

We’re The Only 100% Private Abortion Clinic NYC


• No Common Waiting Areas • No Contact With Other Patients • One on One Care • Your Own Private Room • Companions Welcome

Welcome To Early Options

Personalized Abortion Clinic Since 1999

Early Abortion On Your Terms. Quality Medical Care = Peace Of Mind

Simple, Natural Abortion Methods:

Abortion Pills (at home) OR Quick Gentle SofTouch Method (in office)
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With Dr. Joan Fleischman

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Convenient Abortion Pills 
At Home


 Gentle SofTouch Method

Private Exam Room 

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Companions Welcome

Abortion Pills
At Home

Abortion Pills induce a miscarriage in the comfort of your own home.

Video Chat with Dr. Fleischman or come to our private office in Midtown Manhattan.

In Office Procedure

A simple, gentle nonsurgical method done on a regular exam table, similar to getting a PAP Test.

The procedure lasts about 2-5 minutes with minimal discomfort and immediate recovery. No follow up needed.


Abortion Pills

  • I prefer the privacy of my own home
  • I feel comfortable with cramping and bleeding
  • I only want to go to a medical office if needed
  • I am under 10 weeks pregnant


  • I prefer a quick, private in-office procedure
  • Having a clear resolution is important to me
  • I prefer to be seen by a doctor
  • I am between 5 and 12 weeks pregnant

Hear From Women Speaking About Their Abortion Pill
And SofTouch Experiences at Early Options

Decided? Schedule an appointment!

If you’re between 4 and 12 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period, we can schedule you right away. To learn more about how your appointment will go step by step, click here.

Undecided? Meet with Dr. Fleischman!

Undecided? Meet
with Dr. Fleischman!

We can offer you a one-on-one consultation and provide you with in-depth information based on your specific situation. You can complete an ultrasound and understand the options available to you.


Early pregnancy is defined as less than 12 weeks pregnant. If you have missed only one or two periods, it is likely that you are early. 

You can know how far along you are by calculating the number of days from the first day of your last normal period to today.

For example, if the first day of your last normal period was 42 days ago, medically you would be 6 weeks pregnant.


If you are under 10 weeks pregnant the bleeding is manageable. Urgent bleeding issues are extremely rare. If there is any ongoing heavy bleeding you would come into the office for evaluation.

We're on call 24/7. It is extremely rare that you would require any emergency assistance while going through the miscarriage process. If you're having unusual bleeding or the doctor feels you need evaluation we expect that you would come to Early Options. If it is a true emergency she would recommend you go to the emergency room. Most issues are not urgent, and evaluation at Early Options is strongly preferred.

  • If your periods aren't regular
  • You are not sure of the first day of your last normal period
  • You're nearing 10 weeks' pregnant
  • You are experiencing pain and/or bleeding

SofTouch® is a 2-5 minute procedure specifically designed for women seeking to end an early pregnancy, which is a pregnancy at 12 weeks or less.  

It's done on a regular exam table (like a Pap test) and you can have a companion by your side.

This minimally invasive method involves a small, hand-held device that quietly brings a natural release of your menstrual flow.

It's not surgery, so you can eat and drink normally before and after the procedure.  It only takes about 15-20 minutes until you are recovered and ready to go about your day.  

SofTouch can also be used to treat an early miscarriage, or an incomplete surgical abortion.

SofTouch® is the Early Options brand of a Manual Vacuum Aspiration Procedure (MVA).

Both the Abortion Pill and MVA are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the safest early abortion options.

You can get the SofTouch procedure the first week you miss your period, but it is best to wait until one week after you miss your period.  If it's completed too early it often requires follow up blood tests to know that it's complete.  

We highly recommend doing SofTouch between 5-12 weeks so that you have  a clear resolution when you leave our office.

You will meet with Dr. Fleischman in person or via video chat.  She will review your medical concerns and personal situation and together you will come up with the option that best fits you.


All early abortion options are safe. You will be able to get pregnant if or when the time is right for you. Serious health risks are extremely rare and are usually related to the pregnancy, not the abortion method. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses Manual Aspiration abortion (we call it SofTouch®) and the Abortion Pill as the safest abortion methods.

We understand everybody's concerns, but we can assure you that our building is safe and our office welcomes patients from every state and all over the world. There is little to no foot traffic coming in and out of the building and there is parking available nearby.

Our Mission Statement

Personalized Abortion Care Since 1999

Dr. Joan Fleischman

  • Harvard Trained MD
  • 25 Years Experience
  • Pioneer of the SofTouch Method
  • Original Researcher of the Abortion Pill

At Early Options®, we have a clear mission: to make ending your pregnancy or completing your miscarriage a normal medical experience.

What is normal? A scheduled appointment. A doctor who listens. Choosing safe and natural options. Having your companion by your side. Being in an environment that’s comfortable and convenient.

We are dedicated to taking care of you, emotionally and physically. We want you to look back on your Early Options® experience as a time of personal growth. We know your trust in us is paramount to being at peace with your decision.

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