We’re The Only 100% Private Abortion Clinic NYC



• No Common Waiting Areas

• No Contact With Other Patients

• One on One Care

• Your Own Private Room

• Companions Welcome

We’re The Only 100% Private Abortion Clinic NYC


• No Common Waiting Areas • No Contact With Other Patients • One on One Care • Your Own Private Room • Companions Welcome


Early pregnancy is any pregnancy under 12 weeks, calculated from the first day of your last period. At this stage, the uterus is preparing itself to support the pregnancy. The pregnancy itself has not developed. If you’re at this stage, we offer two safe and natural methods in a private doctor’s office: the Softouch® procedure and the Abortion Pill.

At Early Options®, all of our doctors and staff are women. We understand. Our specialty is ending early pregnancy up to ten weeks. Our signature method, Softouch®, is usually completed in less than three minutes and you can eat and drink normally before your visit. You will be in our office for 1-2 hours. When you leave, you’ll be able to resume your normal activities. You can take confidence in our “Privacy in Practice” philosophy. This means all of your care takes place in one private exam room and we schedule patients one at a time, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll see another patient. You are more than welcome to have a companion with you for the entire visit. You’ll also have one dedicated clinical assistant to give you personalized care.

SofTouch® is a 2-5 minute procedure specifically designed for women seeking to end an early pregnancy, which is a pregnancy at 12 weeks or less. SofTouch can also be used to treat an early miscarriage, or to treat an incomplete surgical abortion. The technical term for the SofTouch® procedure is Manual Vacuum Aspiration. This noninvasive method involves a small, hand-held device that quietly brings a natural release of your menstrual flow. Both the Abortion Pill and Manual Vacuum Aspiration are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the safest early abortion options.

MVA is the name of the procedure. SofTouch® is the branded name for the private and personalized way that we provide this procedure at Early Options®. We believe there is a real advantage in having this option in a normal doctor’s office setting, where you can have a companion by your side, where you don’t have to be in a waiting room or recovery room with other patients, and where you can feel fully supported both emotionally and physically.

There’s a reason this method is called SofTouch®. It’s a gentle, noninvasive procedure performed with a soft touch by one of our highly trained physicians. While every woman is different, most patients experience a few minutes of cramping. This is nothing to be afraid of. We will provide you with pain medication and our clinicians are expertly trained at supporting you during these few minutes of discomfort. It also helps to know that cramping is normal, and is actually a healthy sign that the uterus is going back to its normal size.

While both the Abortion Pill and the SofTouch® procedure are extremely safe and effective options, 9 out of 10 women who come to us choose SofTouch®. The most common advantage our patients cite is that SofTouch® takes just minutes to complete in one visit, while the Abortion Pill takes up to 3 days and requires two visits. Women who choose SofTouch® appreciate the sense of resolution that accompanies the experience when they leave our office compared to the longer Abortion Pill process.

All early abortion options are safe. You will be able to get pregnant if or when the time is right for you. Serious health risks are extremely rare and are usually related to the pregnancy, not the abortion method. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses Manual Aspiration abortion (we call it SofTouch®) and the Abortion Pill as the safest abortion methods.

If you are unsure about your decision, you have the option of booking a consultation appointment. During this visit, you will talk to the doctor one-on-one and she will answer any and all of your questions. She will also do an ultrasound to verify your dates and review your options with you. There is absolutely no pressure to decide one way or another.

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“Early Options is a place where I felt safe, supported and taken care of during one of the most vulnerable times of my life.”
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“I honestly wish every medical experience could be this comfortable and efficient”
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“The attunement of the staff to my emotional needs at the time was incredible.”
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“There is truly no need for anesthesia. The process is quick and so is the recovery time.”
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"During an emotionally charged time in a woman's life, going to place with privacy and peacefulness is extremely important."
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"I know that finding a place like this that treats you with dignity, respect and without judgment is pivotal to making peace. "
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"I felt so at ease with all of the staff. They were so kind and talked to me like I was a real person."
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"They literally held my hand each step of the way and comforted me."
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"I was nervous and scared, but was quickly put to ease. They even allowed my partner in the room with me to hold my hand."
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"Take it from someone who was an absolute nervous wreck coming into this office, the staff was unbelievable."
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